How to fix nail holes in drywall

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This step by step diy article is about how to fix nail holes in drywall. After removing a picture or a towel support, you have to repair the screw holes, as to get the job done in a professional manner. In addition, there are many cases in which you have to fix popped nails, so we recommend you to pay attention to the instructions described in this article. These kinds of repairs are quite simple, but you have to work with attention, otherwise you might end up with irregularities or have to repaint the wall.

After sanding the surface lightly, you should remove the residues and apply an even coat of primer. If you skip this step, the paint coats will absorb into the patch and make the repaired look differently, as compared to the rest of the wall. In addition, it is essential to let the drywall coats to dry out overnight before spreading the primer and the paint coats. Take your time and work with good judgement, if you want to fix the holes properly.




 Drywall compound

 Fine-grit sandpaper


 Safety gloves, Eye protection, Respiratory mask

 Utility knife, Putty knife

 Small bucket, Sand block


 Spread at least two coats of drywall mud, if you want to get a neat result

 Smooth the edges of the damages area, before filling it with compound


 One day



Fixing screw holes in drywall

Tools for fixing holes in drywall


You can repair almost any drywall damage by yourself, if you use the right tools and techniques. Therefore, in order to fix nail holes in drywall, you need a cutter, a screwdriver and a medium knife trowel.

Useful Tip: Clean the surface thoroughly before filling the holes with drywall compound. In addition, you should apply at least two coats, as the first layer usually tends to shrink.



How to fix nail holes in drywall

Fixing nail holes in drywall


The first step of the project is to evaluate the damaged area. Therefore, either its about fixing a popping out screw or filling a nail hole, you can get the job done accurately with the least amount of effort. Therefore, drive the nail or the head of the screw below the surface of the drywall, using a hammer and a nail set or an electric screwdriver.

Useful Tip: Remove the residues and the paper shreds, making sure the head of the nails are slightly below the surface of the wall.




After preparing the damaged surface, you should mix a small quantity of drywall compound or use a pre-mix spackle compound. We usually work with drywall joint compound, but you can fill the small holes with spackle mud, as well.

In order to mix drywall compound, we recommend you to pour a small quantity of water in the bucket. Next, add the powder in the bucket, using a small knife. Let the powder to soak water for about 5 minutes, as to activate the additives. Mix the mud thoroughly, until you get a compound with the consistency of peanut.


How to fix nail holes in drywall


Use a small pallet knife to fill the nails holes. As you should easily notice in the image, you have to spread the compound as evenly as possible. In most of the cases, you need to apply two coats of compound, as the first layer would shrink and create a small dent in the wall.

Useful Tip: Apply the mud in a cross pattern, making sure you fill the screw hole with mud. Work with good judgement, if you want to obtain a professional result.


How to patch screw holes in drywall


Make sure the mud layer is even and doesn’t protrude.




After the drywall compound sets up, you should spread the second coat. Apply the drywall mud as smooth as possibly, making sure you crap the excess materials, otherwise you will have to sand the area thoroughly.


Sanding the drywall mud


Last but not least, you have to take care of the finishing touches. If you want to obtain a professional result, we recommend you to sand the surface thoroughly, using a fine-grit sanding-block. It is essential to smooth out the irregularities util the transition between the patch and the rest of the wall is gradual.

Useful Tip: Clean the residues with a cloth, apply primer and spread several coats of paint having the same color as the wall.



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