How to Cut A Square Hole In Drywall

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This step by step diy article is about how to cut a square hole drywall. If you are installing a new outlet or you want to patch a large hole in drywall, chances are that you need to make a few square or rectangular holes. Even if you are a total novice when it comes to home improvement projects, cutting holes in drywall is a lot easier than you might imagine.


Make sure there are no wires or pipes behind the sheetrock, if you are going to cut out a hole on an existing wall. In addition, place a few pads on the floor to protect it from the debris that will come out when cutting the drywall. Taking the accurate measurements and marking them on the wall are essential for your project, so take your time on these preliminary procedures.




 Drywall sheet


 Safety gloves, Eye protection, Respiratory mask

 Electrical screwdriver, Drywall saw

 Utility knife, T-square


 If you want to get the job done quickly, use a sharp knife

 Wear a respiratory mask when cutting the drywall sheets


 5 minutes



Step 1: Marking the hole



The first step is to locate where the hole should be and mark the cut lines. If you are cutting the hole prior to hanging the sheet to the wall, use a T square to mark the lines.




If you have to cut the hole into an existing wall, you should use a level and a square.



Step 2: Drilling the starting holes



Use a drill machinery to make starting holes to the square or rectangle. Make sure you drill the holes inside the rectangle.



Step 3: Cutting the hole



Use a jigsaw or a drywall saw to make the cuts along the marked lines. Make sure you wear a respiratory mask, to protect your lungs from inhaling dust.



Step 4: Cutting a square hole



If you followed this simple tutorial, the square hole should be cut in a professional manner. As you can see, working with drywall is easy if you plan it carefully and use the right techniques and tools.



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