How to bend drywall

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If you are a homeowner you probably want to make a few additions or remodeling projects, in order to enhance the look of the living space. If you want to add appeal to the home, creating curved shapes is probably high on the lost. If you imagine that bending drywall is a difficult task, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take your time and make sure you read this complete tutorial about bending drywall. The tutorial shows you several techniques to get the job done, so make sure you select the ones that really suit your needs. You can make either cuts or use water to curve the drywall pieces. In addition, don’t forget to check the rest of our projects for step by step tutorials and useful tips.




 Drywall sheet


 Safety gloves, Eye protection, Respiratory mask

 Electrical screwdriver, Drywall saw

 Utility knife, T-square


 Choose the method according to the radius of the curve


 1 day



How to bend drywall



The first method would be to bend drywall by making multiple cuts on one side of the drywall piece. Make sure the cuts are made parallel, otherwise the piece won’t bend properly. In addition, you should adjust the distance between the cuts according to the radius of the curve.


How to bend drywall


Attach the piece of drywall to the curve and lock it into place with screws. If you made the scores properly, then the piece of drywall should fit into place properly. This is the ideal method is you have to bend drywall to a tight radius.




The other method would be to apply water on the drywall sheets with a roller. Apply the water evenly until you can bend the piece of drywall to shape. This method works best for wide curves.


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Next, you can secure the sheet into place with screws. With these two methods in your bag of knowledge, you can undertake more complex projects and curves won’t scare you anymore.



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