Always verify and respect the local building codes when planning new construction projects.

Always use care and good judgment when working with power and hand tools, or when fixing holes in drywall.

Always check that the electrical tools are safe, that they are correctly grounded and that no circuit is overloaded. In addition, never use power tools in wet places.

Always use a drill with an auxiliary handle, when drilling large workpieces.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and product labels, when using power tools, paints, solvents or any other product.

Always clamp the pieces to the work surface, when using power tools.

Always use proper rubber gloves or work gloves when working with concrete, chemicals, lumber or when constructing.

Always wear a face mask when working with tools that create dust (sander, sawer, etc.). When working with toxic chemicals, always wear a face mask with a respirator filter.

Always were safety glasses, especially when working with power tools or preparing concrete.

Always unplug the power tool before changing a saw blade, a drill or any other component.

Always be prepared for unexpected events. Be attentive as to react quickly in case something occurs, as safety is the priority.

Always ask a specialist before performing any construction project. You don’t have their expertise nor their experience.

Always use ear protection when working with loud tools.



Safety equipment

Sanding around the hole

Tools for fixing holes in drywall


Never carry sharp tools or objects when working on diy projects, or carry them in a special tool belt made from leather.

Never support a piece from underneath with any part of your body, when sawing.

Never use a power tool on an workpiece that is not properly fixed.

Never use a tools without  understanding the way it works, as to avoid being injured.

Never force a tool to perform beyond the limits it was designed. Acknowledge and respect the limits of your tools.

Never work with dull tools. In addition, do not use tools that do not meet  safety, legal or performance standards.

Never use power tools or hand tools when you are tired.

Never drink alcohol or use drugs before working with tools.