DIY Drywall

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This step by step diy article is about diy drywall projects. If you are a homeowner, you probably faced several situations when you had to cope with different drywall issues or you may want to improve the style of your home. While some of them, such as dents or scratches, are easy to fix, other are more complex and require more skills, attention and knowledge. Make sure you take a look over these 4 free tutorial to learn new drywall skills and to save money.

We have browsed the internet searching for the best drywall tutorial. In this article we highlight the main projects one homeowner needs to master for making the common repairs and for enhancing the look of the homes. All the projects come from reputable sources and feature detailed instructions and step by step diagrams.



DIY drywall



1. Fixing a hole in drywall

6'' wide putty knife


One of the most common issues a homeowner faces is repairing holes in the drywall. Usually, hiring a professional to get the job done costs time and money, so having the knowledge to get the job done by yourself will have a nice impact on your budget. There are few methods you can use, according to the size of the hole in the wall. Make sure you follow the step by step descriptions shown in the tutorial to get a professional result. MORE HERE >>



2. Drywall arch

Drywall Arch


If you want to enhance the look of you home, you can make a few minor modifications that will have a great impact. A drywall arch can be built in a weekend using metal studs and a drywall sheet. You can adjust the radius of the arch so that it matches the style of your home. This tutorial features detailed instructions, diagrams and many tips so that any person can get the job done. MORE HERE >>



3. Cutting drywall

Cutting Drywall


Any drywall project requires a few basic skills, such as cutting the sheets. If you have a hard time making perfectly straight cuts to the sheets, we recommend you to take a look over this extensive tutorial. All you need is a large straight edge and a cutter. However, there are many secrets one has to know for a clean cut. Make sure you check out the complete tutorial. MORE HERE >>



4. Lower drywall ceiling

Lower Ceiling


Last but not least, you can build a lower drywall ceiling. If you aim for an unique design, you can create different curved shapes on the ceiling using metal studs and drywall. Work really careful and plan everything with attention. The tutorial contains all the information you need to get the job done starting with creating the metal stud frame up to the finishing techniques. MORE HERE >>



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